Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Saw "The Cooler" last night. Great movie. Underrated. Not a lot of push from the studio, and it deserves it. It had a lot more to do with the casinos themselves than the cooler guy himself. In fact, it almost plays like a sequel to Scorsece's "Casino," which is a high compliment. Every bit as violent. I'll agree with the talk of a Supporting Actor nomination for Alec Baldwin -- he was outstanding -- totally ruthless character. But the love story between Wm. H. Macy & the girl (forget her name, but a good new actress) was a truly good love story -- not just icing on the cake. I really felt as though they loved each other. And Wm. H. Macy SHOULD be nominated for Best Actor. He should've won in '96 for "Fargo," and the Oscar voters need to AT LEAST nominate him this time around. He's one actor who's not great-looking, but if he's in the movie, chances are very good I'll love it.

Also, I've still only seen it once & it didn't make a great impression on me at the time, but I can't stop thinking about "The Station Agent." I hope to God that garners MANY nominations -- Best Picture, Actor (Peter Dinklage), & Best Supporting Actor (Bobby Canivale) come to mind. It's stuck with me WAY longer than most movies. I can still picture every scene. And it was a truly "happy" movie -- a truly uplifting movie, a movie celebrating life, which is rare.

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